Like most people, Susan’s weight gain continued unnoticed for several years. Being a busy mom, her full focus was on her children, leading her to neglect her health and pack on weight. One day, her five-year-old asked her, “Mommy, why are you fat?” Though she knew her daughter meant no harm, those words stung like knives through her soul.  Special thanks from Susan  to for their support during her journey.

Over the coming weeks, Susan became deeply depressed. It was as if her eyes had suddenly been opened and she could see what she truly looked like. Each lump of fat seemed to scream at her that she was a mess. Instead of encouraging her to lose weight, this caused her to try to stuff the feelings away with comfort foods.



One day, Susan reached her limit when she could no longer fit into her jeans. She bravely got out her scales and found she weighed 250 pounds. Though she nearly passed out from the shock, these numbers spoke to her and made her determined to do something for herself for a change.

It didn’t happen overnight and it wasn’t easy. She started off by first getting rid of the bad foods she had been eating. Her husband and children were supportive and were excited about the healthier lifestyle they were all committing to.

At first, Susan was a little discouraged because the weight was not being shed as quickly as she would like. She spoke with her doctor and found that she was actually right on track. Losing one to two pounds a week is the recommended amount since this does not stress the body.

When she first started out on her journey she could barely walk to the end of her drive and meet her children at the bus stop. Soon, she was walking a half mile and then a mile. Before long, walking was her source of energy and she craved it every day.

Susan did nothing out of the ordinary to shed her weight. She simply woke up and realized she was stuffing her body full of foods that were bad for her. When she did an overhaul on her diet and started moving her body each day, the scale numbers continued to come down.

After a year of living her new lifestyle, she had lost one hundred and five pounds. It took her five more months and she reached her goal weight of one-hundred-thirty-five pounds. Looking back on her journey has taught her that she can do anything she sets her mind to.

Today, Susan is healthier and more active than ever before. She is pursuing a degree in nutrition and hopes to help others who, like herself, need direction to change their lives. Two years after meeting her goal, she continues to maintain her weight. Her secret? Indulging once a month in her favorite “naughty” treat. She has grown so used to eating healthy, these treats no longer seem as inviting as they once were. Once the body grows accustomed to being fed the right fuels, it craves them like it once did ice cream.